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GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIPS: Public Living Room–A Safe Learning Space Project


We are a partnership of 7 networks of Mother Centers (MCs) in 6 countries. Mother Centers (or Family Centers) are community spaces where parents meet and organise. They are started by the parents themselves and vary in size and program, depending on local circumstances. One thing is always the same: the heart of our Centers is a place where you can drop in at any time with your children and have a coffee, a talk, find information. We call it the "public living room".

In the partnership we want to explore the qualities of this space, how it functions, by debating its most essential aspect: safety.

We find safety one of the most important values in life, and think it is important to talk about how it appears in everyday situations, how we as parents/families can create safety in our life. Starting from values is an essential point in the Mother Center movement. The empowerment that rises from exploring values and visions as a group, is at the heart of our being.

We have such value debates often and use this partnership to structure that, make it visible, transferable. Because now, what happens in our Centers is informal and rarely lands on paper.

Each partner has chosen a sub-theme related to safety which they "host". They formulate questions to be debated by all other partners and they gather the outcomes of these debates afterwards in a theme paper.

Eight month per year we will have debates, each led by a different partner. We believe in peer learning and learning by teaching.

We will all take the lead once a year and make the questions for the other partners to discuss. After that we host a mobility for further debate on our topic and exchange on the outcomes of discussion in the countries. This way we want to deepen our understanding of safety and of the public living room.

Activities were implemented by six centers from Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Turkey.

Project Partners:

  1. Uluslararasý Çocuk Merkezi Dernegi (= International Children's Center ICC) - Turkey
  2. Stichting Nest! – The Netherlands
  3. Mütterforum Baden-Württemberg e.V. Landesverband der Mütterzentren, Familienzentren und Mehrgenerationenhäuser – Germany (Projecy Coordinator)
  4. Dachverband der unabhängigen Elten-Kind Zentren Österreichs – Austria
  5. Stowarzyszenie "Mamy Czas" – Poland
  6. Únia materských centier (UMC) – Slovakia
  7. Landesverband Mütter- und Familienzentren in Bayern e.V. – Germany

The project entitled “Public Living Room–A Safe Learning Space” (Grant Agreement no: 2013-1-NL1-GRU06-12705 9) is supported by Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes of the Turkish Ministry of EU Affairs Turkish National Agency, Erasmus+ Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme). The activities began on August 2013 and lasted for two years (ended by the end of July 2015). It is a partnership of Mother Centers in 5 countries. The partnership waned to explore the qualities of mother centers, how it functions by debating its most essential aspect: safety. In the partnership each partner has chosen a sub-theme related to safety. Partners formulate questions to be debated by all other partners and they gather the outcomes of these debates afterwards in a theme paper

For each of the mobility/meeting held, ICC, with support of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, organized discussions on the topics in the mother centers of Gaziantep. A report for each of the debates was prepared both in English and in Turkish, and outcomes of the discussions were presented in the mobility meetings.

Core topics included:

• Making the Mother Center into a safe public living room,

• How mothers give each other shelter/support in early motherhood,

• When I leave my child,

• Having a supporting group/community,

• Dealing with the health care system,

• Inclusion, exclusion, discrimination,

• Economic safety,

• Tools & methods to set up safety in our group.

• Creating Safety in times of Crisis / life changing situations

• How to create safety in local community

Please click on above links to reach theme papers for core topics.


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