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Proje Sorumlusu İş İlanı
Terms of Reference 
Project Officer

Overall objective of the project is to contribute to the enhancement and fulfilment of children’s rights and freedoms as fully competent digital citizens with a focus on strengthening resilience of children against all forms of digital violence through child participation in Turkey. Specific objectives of the project are:
  • To ensure that children are trained, empowered and equipped with tools to protect their digital rights and freedoms and to prevent and respond to digital violence. 
  • To increase the capacity of civil society and child activist groups in Turkey in combating digital risks and challenges via meaningful child-led participation. 
  • To enhance skills and expertise of child rights networks in stronger forms of advocacy against digital violence all levels including the policy making level through child participation.
Within this framework, a new project for that will last until end of 2024. The project’s main aim is to enhance the capacity of monitoring, reporting and advocacy of the Partnership Network and include child participation into these efforts. Salary will be decided according to experience and project budget.
The Officer interacts with a wide variety of colleagues within the International Children’s Center (ICC) and with stakeholders of the project. The Officer will be working in close relation with the project’s Admin and Finance officer, as well as with other experts and reports to Projects’ Supervisor.
The Project Officer will be responsible for the technical aspects of the project. S/he will keep the functioning of the CAC on track, assist the member children in any way possible. Apart from establishing effective communication with partners and stakeholders, coordinating experts and other technical tasks, the officer will provide new ways to use Partnerships Network’s online tools to better reach to children, families, policy-law makers, professionals working with/for children. It is also expected from the officer to establish a better communication structure among members and provide suggestions and methods for Partnership Network to better explain itself and its work to target groups. 
  • The candidate should have in-depth knowledge of issues related to child rights at national and international level
  • The candidate is expected to have pedagogical formation and/or proven experience on working with children.
Project Officer will be based in the project office in ICC (Ankara Bilkent) and support the team with;
  • Over all planning, re-planning of project’s components and ensuring the smooth implementation of the project according to changing needs.
  • Day to day coordination of project activities and experts,
  • Close monitoring, support and contribution for the preparation and timely delivery of project outputs and deliverables,
  • Conducting visits to stakeholders in order to promote the activities and outputs,
  • Process, format and proof-read reports, documents, publications and correspondence related to the work of the unit from draft texts,
  • Preparation of Media and Press info notes, and briefing notes for stakeholders
  • Cooperation with the project team and with the project funding institution,
  • Support to project experts as needed, and perform other duties as required,
  • Lead and conduct the restructuring of internet websites and utilization of social media tools,
  • Provide facilitation and deliver presentations during training sessions / meetings.
  • Have no restriction to travel.
  • Advanced knowledge of English, and Turkish
IT Skills: 
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office applications, Outlook, internet and office technology equipment
  • Willingness to learn other simple programs as required
Please forward your CV and cover letter to icc-hr@icc.org.tr, by stating “Project Officer Application 2022” no later than 17 April 2022.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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